Brantford’s Oldest Continually Performing Chorus



Interested in joining the Brant Men of Song? Contact Ralph Hastings by email at: .

Executive Officers

  • President
    Ralph Hastings
  • Vice President
    Dave Neely
  • Secretary
    John Kanold
  • Treasurer
    Jim Elliott
  • Past President
    Larry Davis
  • Director
    Bill Schatz
  • Accompanist
    Amy Groleau
  • Assistant Director
    Ian MacCormack
  • Promotion
  • Master of Ceremonies
    Dave Neely
  • Music Librarian
    Rick Vandeven
    Neil Vickers
  • Membership
    Ted Roberts
  • Historian
    Paul Johnson
  • Wardrobe
    Jason Hutton
  • Equipment Manager
    Jim Elliott
  • AMCO Rep


  • Roy Amaron
  • Stuart Chambers
  • Tony DeBruyn
  • Doug Gillis
  • Don Heys
  • Fred Joyner
  • John Lavery
  • Ian MacCormack
  • Ron Abbott
  • Peter David
  • Larry Davis
  • Ralph Hastings
  • Jason Hutton
  • Graham Malcolm
  • Doug Richardson
  • Steven Ross
  • Jim Stanton
Second Tenor
  • Gord Cannon
  • Andy Harris
  • Paul Johnson
  • John Kinald
  • Larry Marsh
  • Ted Roberts
  • Rick Vandeven
  • Mike Wyatt
  • Alan Young
First Tenor
  • Allan Edgar
  • Jim Elliott
  • Ron Howey
  • Gus Lorenzin
  • Dave Neely
  • Brian Osborn
  • David Proctor
  • Neil Vickers

The choir practices at The Brantford School of Instrumental Music, at 32 Marlborough Street, Tuesdays at 7:00 PM. Click below for Google Map directions to the school.

Brant County Singers

Why should the guys have all the fun? Interested in joining the ladies of the Brant County Singers?

Contact them by email at:

Proud member of the Associated Male Choruses of Ontario.